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About us

We are a dynamic team and focus on delivering value through the work we do
About Us

Solutions On Demand

LightSea is a new solutions agency that helps clients in various industries get stuff done. We work with the latest technologies and methodologies and develop solutions based on solid market evidence and data.

We Follow

The Latest Trends

We follow the latest trends and apply the latest technologies and methodologies in the work we do. Our solutions are based on market evidence and real-time data instead of guesses and practices that don’t always fit the bill.

We aim to be the best and do work we can be proud of.

We focus on learning and development in order to stay abreast of what is happening out there. Each project we take on is a new chance of doing great work, which is what we always strive for.

Latest Tech

We follow the latest trends in order to stay ahead of what is happening ad apply new technologies in order to develop solutions

Local Approach

We are a global organization with local insights of various markets. Thus, we design solutions that make sense locally as well as abroad

A True Partner

Our aim is to partner with you, not just take you on as a client. As such we ensure a good line of communication and do what we say we’ll do

We partner with clients and work closely with them to develop solutions that make a difference


X Returns

We aim to deliver a minimum return of 10x in value on the investment made by partnering with us.



We have partnered with over 7 strategic organizations to assist us in delivering true value to our clients.


Satisfied Clients

Our clients thus far are very happy to have come across LightSea and some continue to collaborate with us.


Projects Finished

We have collectively rounded off several individual projects related to sales, marketing and development.

Want to join us? Feel free to reach out to us right away, we encourage applications from all over!