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We apply a series of tools, techniques and methodologies in order to have the best results for you and your customers.
First Step

Peeling the Onion

Before we do anything we get down to the core of the problem you are presenting us with. This is a core aspect of any project we work on. We look at this with a critical lens and aim to find the causes behind this. Once we peal away the various layers and identify the core metric that needs to ‘go up’, the main feature you need to work on or improve, we are able to move onwards and develop solutions that are sure to solve the problem in a structured fashion at a fraction of the cost and time it would’ve taken otherwise.

Second Step

Research & Analyze

With a clear problem on the table we are now much more confident in tackling things. Depending on the case, we may opt to start doing some research where we aim to find and analyze data related to the problem. We use various tools and methodologies in this step as a means to ensure reliability and validity of our results – we only want results that are trustworthy, not opinions or gut feelings about things. With a clear analysis in place we are able to move on and develop solutions.

Third Step

Concept & Design

We work closely with you to develop concepts of potential solutions that will meet your needs as well as your customers’ needs. We keep an open line of communication at all times and check in with you to monitor progress and development on our end. Based on your preferences we may move on to design a a strategy which we can test and improve whereas necessary. With the final choice in place we move on to assist our clients with overall growth.

Fourth Step

Market & Growth

We apply a range of marketing techniques, sales hacks and tools for growing your customer base, return business and revenues. We can support your development across several marketing channels and do so with value in mind. We deliver great results by using different techniques as well as AI technologies that boost efficiency and effectiveness. When partnering with LightSea you are not partnering with a ‘one-string banjo’ agency. We are multi-faceted, eclectic in our approach and have long since ditched the box to foster a true innovation culture.