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Solutions that result in 10X Returns!

We focus on two things: efficiency and results. The results are what matter in the end which is why we focus on delivering solutions that make a difference! 🎯

About us

We Deliver Tailored Solutions

We concentrate on the user’s experience when developing solutions. Coupled with hardcore data and analytics, we aim to provide value-adding results to our clients so they can grow things further.

Work process

We use a series of tools and techniques for the best results for our clients

Peeling the Onion

Before we do anything we get down to the core of the problem to identify the real issue.

Research & Analyze

We conduct research and analyze the issue from multiple angles to develop solutions.

Concept & Design

We develop novel concepts of potential solutions that will have a tangible impact.

Market & Growth

We apply marketing techniques, sales hacks and use tools to grow your revenues.


Bespoke sales and marketing services for your team

Technologies such as AI and VR are changing the way marketing is done in a range of industries. We assist clients by providing growth, analytics and marketing solutions developed with UX in mind, backed by data.
We produce visual designs including logo’s, websites, presentations and banners. We are an excellent partner for you and your team if you are looking at new product development and need to come up with designs and mockups.
Our branding approach relates to the whole digital experience and is customer-centric. We a big believers of UX and strive to deliver solutions that meet your demands as well as that of your users.
We assist clients in developing new channels for growing their customer base and distributing their products, including websites and native mobile apps. We take care of all design aspects and include all desired features and functionalities required.
Results On Demand

We are a solutions agency that helps clients in various industries get stuff done!

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The Latest Trends

We follow the latest trends and apply the best tech & methods

Social Media 🀩

€ 24.99

Lead Generation 😏

€ 49.99


Our Latest & Best Projects, Finished With Success!

β€œIt was great working with LightSea. Valentina took the time to understand our business model and came up with the best marketing strategy that was suitable for us".

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Digital Marketing

β€œWe approached LightSea to develop our mobile app and website as a POC to raise the funding we required to achieve P/M Fit. We were quite happy with the results in the end and definitely recommend working with Valentina and her team".

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Product Development

β€œWe commissioned the re-design of our logo into something that was more contemporary and in line with the times so to speak. The turnaround was quick and the final design was great!"

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Graphic Design

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X Returns

Many new technologies. Innovation is key!

We aim to deliver a minimum return of 10X in value on the investment made by partnering with us. Keeping it simple is our motto.