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Have a question for us? We’ve put together a simple FAQ for the curious in order to help you get answers right now. If you need additional help or have an enquiry, feel free to reach out.

What does your agency do?

aWe provide solutions to companies that have challenges in the areas of userbase growth, product launch, user experience and sales. This is often translated into areas such as digital marketing, product development, content marketing, social media management and growth hacking.

What are your rates?

aOur rates vary and are results based. We charge a flat fee for strategy engagements and a monthly fee for execution work. Alternatively we may also opt to strike a deal that is commission/sales based (i.e. a % of the yield based on our input).

How long does it take to see some results?

aUpon reaching an agreement we strive to deliver initial results within 24 hours. A strong line of communication is usually imperative for the rest of the process.

What does your design process look like?

aWe focus first on the core of the problem. Then we apply various ideation methods through a UX lens, coupled with real-time data in order to develop potential solutions. Together with the client we iterate and determine the most appropriate.

In which regions do you work?

aWe work with clients in Europe, Asia and LATAM region. Regardless of the time zone we are always able to support you and your team during your business hours. Hence, we are never too far away. It wouldn’t be smooth sailing otherwise.

Where can I see some of your previous work?

aFeel free to check out some of the clients we’ve worked with. Our portfolio section also highlights some noteworthy mentions. Our best work however is the one we will do with you. We are always advancing & moving forward which keeps improving & fine-tuning our technique & methods.

Who is behind LightSea?

aLightSea started out of the need for more advanced solutions to problems. Many offer solutions that are indeed tailored but that don’t necessarily solve the problem, or apply outdated technologies and methods to problems that become more complex to solve by the day. We are a team of tech-savvy and value-driven individuals who can recognize real opportunities out of the big wild forest.

Have a question?

Feel free to check our FAQ for answers to your questions. Should you still need additional assistance, then feel free to test our very own In-house Bot that should pack a punch! Alternatively you can reach us via email or regular communication where we strive to support you within 48 hours. The best ways to reach us is through social media and email. As communication is very important for us, we strive to maintain an open line of communication with the people we work with from start to finish, thus ensuring a positive result for all parties involved.

Delivering the results you need

Finding the right partners to assist you in various areas and phases of development can become a troublesome experience. LightSea has a network of the skills you need to cross the bridge and get to the holy land of ‘no worries’. This is always expanding and we pride ourselves in taking up challenging tasks that encourages us to adopt new techniques or modify existing ones in order to deliver solutions that brings you one step closer to your goal.


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