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We offer various solutions to clients depending on the exact needs and core problem.

AI & Automation

Competition is increasing to greater heights these days. Improving operational efficiency and decreasing costs is becoming more important in order to stay in the game. We assist startups and SMe’s that want to automate their businesses and introduce AI to a range of (operational) areas. Be it marketing, sales, talent acquisition or operations, we make use of our proprietary database of AI solutions in order to add value to you and your team. We can assist you with planning, implementation and management of various functions as a means to help you focus on what’s important: building a sustainable business! Learn more.


Sales, Marketing & Growth

When building up your customer base it is important to use the right tools for achieving success. We assist clients in this area by providing growth, analytics and marketing solutions developed with user experience in mind, backed by data. We assist with market research and take care of marketing strategy & execution (social, content, cold emailing etc.) as well as lead generation, business development and automation in order to deliver desired results. We use highly targeted email outreach, book meetings and pass ideal clients on to your sales team to close. Learn more.


Creative & Omni-Channel Design

Designing something from scratch is often more difficult than one can imagine. LightSea has a very solid base when it comes to ideation techniques and design modelling in order to appeal to your customers. We produce visual designs including logo’s, websites, presentations and banners. We are an excellent partner for you and your team if you are looking at new product development and need to come up with designs and mockups. We also assist clients with new product launches and take care of the design process. Learn more.


Digital Branding & Experience

It’s a big ocean out there with a swath of startups, brands, alternatives etc. How you introduce yourself to the world and how you are ultimately perceived far outweigh the value your product may bring to a potential user. Our branding approach relates to the whole digital experience and is customer-centric. We a big believers of UX and strive to deliver solutions that meet your demands as well as that of your users. We use (real-time) data when developing solutions which gives us an edge in terms of effectiveness. The tools we use, methodologies we’ve adopted and technology we include in our solutions allow for a high rate of efficiency in terms of cost and time. Learn more.


Product Development

We assist you in developing new channels for growing your customer base and distributing your products, including websites and native mobile apps. We take care of all design aspects and work closely with you to include all desired features and functionalities required. Our approach entails back to back support during and after setup plus launch. We’ve developed the means to offer quick results (e.g. 2-4 weeks) and can also provide alternative pricing models to suit your budget. Though it’s all inherent to the project, we encourage you to reach out to us with your ideas and wishes. Learn more.

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