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We Implement

Automated Workflows

Things are changing. We are seeing industries that are increasingly becoming more automated. In order to remain competitive, your business needs to adopt strategies for automating critical functions and delivering results more efficiently.

We Develop

Marketing Strategies

Technologies such as AI and VR are changing the way marketing is done in a range of industries. As such, we develop strategies that make use of the best channels for your business and focus on market evidence and real-time data.

We Provide

Sales Growth

Whether you need to upgrade your sales team, require assistance with the generation of qualified leads or are looking for external sales assistance, we are here to help you realize your sales targets to grow the business.

We focus on two things: efficiency and results.


User Experience0



Focus on Data

We develop solutions based on real-time data and increase efficiency by applying the latest tech to our methodologies.

Tactful Approach

We approach design problems with user experience (UX) in mind as this is what ultimately makes or breaks things.

Wide Skill-Set

Whether it’s a simple mailer design or a website development project, we possess a wide range of skills that meets every niche’s demands.

Solutions Oriented

We provide solutions, not attempts. Our approach entails understanding the problem at its core first and working together with you.

Strong Communication

We do check-ins every week to give updates and to see how things are going in terms of process and results.

Highly Sophisticated

Our tools and technologies allow for a rapid turnaround and flexibility in the work that we do.

Results are what matter in the end. That’s why we focus on delivering solutions that make a difference!

We Deliver Tailored Solutions

We concentrate on the user’s experience when developing solutions. Coupled with hardcore data and analytics, we aim to provide value-adding results to our partners so they can grow things further.

Some give answers. We offer solutions.

Creating Value

Things change fast these days. Attention span of users is becoming less and less. Yet there are always success stories in the midst of it all. How to grow a userbase? What elements of design to include in your product? What sales channels to pursue? All are questions we can help you answer through analytics.

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Major Trends

Between following the latest news on the web and visiting events, we learn about some of the latest developments happening in the field in order to stay abreast of things to deliver results that are needed for your growth! As a knowledge organization, our absorptive capacity is very high.

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Many new technologies. Innovation is key!


X Returns

We aim to deliver a minimum return of 10x in value on the investment made by partnering with us.



We have partnered with over 7 strategic organizations to assist us in delivering true value to our clients.


Satisfied Clients

Our clients thus far are very happy to have come across LightSea and some continue to collaborate with us.


Projects Finished

We have collectively rounded off several individual projects related to sales, marketing and development.